The Whole World is Coming to Jerusalem

It’s a selfie world, and we just live in it. Everywhere we go, we pull out our phones and snap a photo – otherwise how would people know we were there? That’s exactly what we had in mind when we promoted the summer events in Jerusalem.

The Project You’ve Been Waiting For!

The Pituach by the Sea project is everything you’ve always dreamed of. After in-depth strategic research, we realized that the most important aspect of the Pituach by the Sea project for the potential buyer is the opportunity to live right on the shoreline, a rare piece of real estate located in the best (no, seriously, the best!) neighborhood in Israel.

Supa Strikas in Israel

Stars of the hugely popular children’s soccer series came to the Holy Land for an exhibition game. To announce the event, we created a campaign featuring the stars of the show bursting out of the cartoon straight onto a neighborhood soccer field, making kids’ dreams come true.

Be’er Sheva – Nice to Meet You

Despite the valiant efforts of its biggest fan, David Ben-Gurion (who also happened to be Israel’s very first prime minister), Be’er Sheva still doesn’t appear on Israel’s tourism map. Did you know tourism in Israel doesn’t actually begin and end with Jerusalem’s Old City? So, to jump-start Be’er Sheva’s tourism industry, we chose a young, bold, and colorful brand language that highlights the city’s amazing potential and provides a platform for young businesses alongside surprising new attractions.

The Rural Ramot HaSharon

In recent years, while many cities in the Sharon region have grown and expanded, the city of Ramat HaSharon kept its warm rural character. So when the new Ramot HaSharon project landed on our doorstep we chose to match the project’s branding and media language to the city’s unique style.

The Beat Goes On

Cars aren’t among the first instruments you expect to find in a musician’s repertoire. But we collaborated with international star Kutiman to produce a unique commercial made entirely from noises found in the new SEAT Leon. This was just the beginning of an entire campaign that even encouraged the target audience to play an active role by creating their own personalized videos to share. The result? Unprecedented sales and brand awareness.

Bon Appétit

“What and where are we eating today?” Sodexo’s new app answers all those tummy-rumbling problems. We decided to divide the app’s launch campaign into two tasty courses: the first part was convincing people to the download the app, and the second part was encouraging experimentation (most people don’t ever actually use the apps they download). The campaign was a real feast for the senses, and everyone was pleasantly satisfied.